30 October 2019 Lunch at Casa Mia, East Molesey Brian Croney, Alan Cross
25 September 2019 Guided Tour of Hampton Court Palace Brian Croney
15 August 2019 Tour of the Farnborough Historic Wind Tunnels Alan Cross
17 July 2019 Gathering at The Anglers to celebrate 50 Years since the birth of Thames Brian Croney, Alan Cross, Bill Rawcliffe
20 - 27 June 2019 DOURO, PORTUGAL CRUISE Pat Cox, Eileen Cross, Alan Cross
23 April 2019 Royal Opera House backstage tour Brian Croney
10 April 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Alan Cross
28 March 2019 Lunch at Cole Court, Twickenham Brian Croney, Peter Horton
20 February 2019 Tour of Westminster Abbey Brian Croney, Alan Cross