Membership of the Association is open to all those who worked, as staff, freelance, or under contract, for Thames Television or its forebears ABC Television and Associated Rediffusion.

Do you qualify for membership? If so, why not join us?

Some of the benefits (some activities currently subject to Covid-19 restrictions)...

From 2021, the membership subscription is £25.00 per year, which runs from 1 April to 31 March.




ARTS welcomes the following new members ...

October 2021
Pip Wedge (rejoined): LE/music at TV House / Wembley
June 2021
Tony Dawe: Sound Department at Teddington (1960-67)
Steve Codling: Sound Department at Teddington (1980-89)
April 2021
Richard Halladey: CTF, at Euston
February 2021
Norman Donaldson (re-joined): Tech Ops, at Teddington
David Hume (re-joined): Scenic Artists, at Teddington
Martyn Day: Childrens, Documentaries, at Teddington
David Maynard: Engineering, at Euston
January 2021
Linda Harrison: Press Office, at Teddington and Euston
Peter Thurlow (re-joined): Sound Department, at Euston
Charlotte Hargreaves (re-joined): Contracts Department, at Teddington and Euston
Patricia Carrick-Allan (re-joined): Company Secretary's Office, at Teddington
Bill Sutton: OBs, at Hanworth
Sandra Green (Associate)
Mike Ward: Sport & OBs, plus Children's, at Euston
Ivan Brown: Engineering, at Teddington
Sue Duncan (Honorary Member): In recognition of her support of the late Alan Herbert in his contribution to ARTS
Jessica Goold: Reception, at Teddington
Marcus Edwards: son of Joe Edwards, charge hand carpenter at Teddington
Patricia O'Connell: Casting, at Teddington and Merton
Angela Carter: Casting, and Production Assistant, at Teddington
Chris Petra ("Cliff") Maret: Telecine, Central Technical Facilities, at Euston
Geoff Ayres: CAR, VTR and Telecine at Teddington
Keith Graham: VTR at Euston
Sean Fullerton: Film Department at Euston
Cass Kellas: VTR and Telecine at Euston
Graeme Duckham: Childrens, Features, Documentaries and other genres at Euston
Lois Andrews: Planning Depatment at Hanworth
Steve Waring: CTF at Teddington, VTR at Euston, Engineering at Teddington
Sue Freeman: Engineering Department at Teddington
Sue Hackett: Programme Department at Euston (among others)
Gillian Holmes: Makeup Department at Teddington
Jeana MacDougall: Costume Department at Teddington
Howard Browne-Greaves: Engineering Department at Teddington
Derek Lennon: Engineering Department at Teddington
Faith Hines: Researcher at Euston, Euston films, A-R
Caroline O'Reilly - PAs at Teddington and Euston (rejoin)
Frances Fuller (known to many as Frances Harste): Ticket office/viewer correspondence /press office, at Euston.
Steve Black: VTR/CTF/Tech Ops at Euston
June Cannon: Costume Design at Teddington
Christopher (Taffy) Harris: Film Dept and Promotions Dept at Euston
Vivien Phillips: Press Office at Thames, Euston
Stella LLoyd: Catering at Thames, Euston (rejoined)
Tony Coxon: Vision Control & Engineering at Thames, Teddington
Peter Ball: Sound Department at Thames, Teddington
Peter Stoddart: Thames and BBC
Bob Louis: Light Entertainment & OBs at Thames, Teddington
Michael Hackney: Post room, Tech Stores, Electronic Engineering at Associated Rediffusion, Wembley
Jack Valencia: Telecine/VTR at A-R Wembley
Peter O'Toole: Sound Department at Teddington
Elly Boydell: Film Department, A-R & Thames
Robert Hardy: at Wembley
Liz Neeson: Producer/director, at Thames
Carol Parks: at Wembley
Bill Rigeon: VT at Teddington
Carol Sutton
Richard Makin: Sound Department at Wembley
Pip Wedge: LE/music at TV House / Wembley (rejoined)
Jeanne Brinton: Women's progs and Press Office, at Stratton St & Kingsway
Stephen Yarrow: Film & CTF at Euston (rejoined)
Lavinia Warner LE (Researcher) TIYL Euston
David Wakefield: VTR/CTF/Tech Ops, at Euston (rejoined)
John Rosewarne: Cameras, at Teddington
David Taylor: Post Production, at Euston
Sue Wheeler (Associate)
Ray Moore: Cameras at Teddington
Pat Lees (née Evans): Script Continuity, LE/Drama at Teddington
Mike Burns: Cameras at Teddington (rejoined)
Michael Gray: Sound Department at Teddington
Chris Davies: Camera / Lighting Directors at Teddington
Lin Newell: Artiste Payments, at Teddington
Trevor Hails: Sound Dept., at Euston
Lyn Harvey: Costume Designers at Teddington
Keith Nixon: Sound Dept, at Teddington
Liz Pape: Industrial relations, at Euston
Ian Dickerson: Central Technical Facilities, at Teddington
Brenda Wayne (Associate Member)
Jan Warris: Tech-ops, Thames News, at Euston (rejoined)
Elaine Lloyd (Honorary Member, in recognition of the late Gerry Whitney's contribution to ARTS)
Lynn Willcocks (Honorary Member, in recognition of the late Mary Willcocks' contribution to ARTS)
Mick Foster: Central Technical Facilities, at Teddington
Mary St.John-Crewe (Mary Crewe): Schools, Childrens, Drama, Features, Documentaries, Films, at Tottenham Court Road (rejoined)
Daphne Shadwell (rejoined)
Julian Meers: Production, at Teddington
Mick Meddeman: Electrical Maintenance, at Euston
Clive Gulliver: Lighting, at Teddington
Richard Churchill: Sound, at Teddington
Colin Thompson: Post Production, at Euston and Teddington
Maria Finnis: Production Assistant, Light Entertainment, Childrens, Sports, OBs, Schools, Afternoon Plus, at Teddington/Euston
Royston Mayoh: Light Entertainment, at Teddington, also ABC Didsbury and Alpha Birmingham
Annie Jones, known as Annie Taylor: Engineering Department, at Teddington
Daphne Shadwell (returning member): Light Entertainment & Childrens, at Teddington & Euston
Brian Harper: Central Technical Facilities, at Teddington
Anthony Keel: Central Apparatus Room , at Teddington
Geraldine McCaughrean: Schools, Adult Education & Religion, at Euston
Suzanne Simpkin: Light Entertainment / Sport / Outside Broadcast, at Teddington / Euston / Tottenham Court Rd
Graham Guest: Visual Services, at Teddington and Euston
Jane Taylor: Current Affairs, at Euston
Dave Lewinton: Engineering & Technical Operations, at Teddington
Charles Warren: Education and Childrens, at Teddington, Euston, and Tottenham Court Rd (now deceased)
Terry Shore : Cameras, at ABC Teddington
David Wakefield: Central Technical Facilities, at Euston (returning member)