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Historic photos: ABC Television Brian Scott
Historic photos: ABC/Thames, Teddington redevelopment phase I, 1960-1971 Brian Scott
Historic photos: Thames, Teddington redevelopment phase III, 1973-1988 Brian Scott
Photos from Cherry Hobbs Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos from the 1960s Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos from the 1970s Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos from the 1980s Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos of uncertain date Cherry Hobbs
~ Generator fire, etc Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos of the OB Crew Cherry Hobbs
~ Photos titled 'various' Cherry Hobbs
List of all the Light Entertainment programmes that Thames made, 1968-1980 (PDF)
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Peter Ernster
The Blue Plaques that used to adorn the front of the Admin Block of the Teddington Studios Alan Cross
Photos of the Engineering Department Dinner 17 November 1989 Robin Stevens
Ian Hendry – Rare Candid Portrait from Police Surgeon (1960) From The Book 'Both Sides Of The Camera' By ABC Television
The first ever TV Times from September 1955 (PDF)
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Bill Rawcliffe
'The Match' - news-sheet on Thames winning the football contract in 1989 (PDF)
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Bob Taylor
'Inside Engineering' news-sheet from the Engineering Department August 1987 (PDF)
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Bob Taylor
The Engineering Department Dinner: menu and guest list 17 November 1989 (PDF)
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Bob Taylor

'An Arabian Night', produced by Associated Rediffusion in their new Studio 5 at Wembley, on 9 June 1960

Pip Wedge
Rediffusion 30' - the house magazine of Associated Rediffusion (PDF)
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Valerie Saunders

The Benny Hill "No F..T No Comment" sketch from 1988:

Dave Harvey
Bungle Ultimatte storyboard (date tbc) Dave Harvey
Demolition of the Teddington studios and site rebuild: a timeline Jayana Austin, Linda Doyle, Mike Burns, Alan Cross
Youtube: ABC TV 4th September, 1960. Monza Grand Prix. (Fred Atkinson's debut!).
Some faces you may remember: Peter West; Roy Easton; Mike Vardy; Peter Cazalet; Marjorie Baker; Bob Gilette; Dave Myhill; Cambell (later Camilla) Keenan; Bernard Burke.
found by Bill Rawcliffe
Souvenir programme for "Enfance du Christ", broadcast 30 December 1985 (large PDF!)
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Dave Harvey
'The Bill' at Barlby Road, around 1985 Brian Scott
Teddington Studios 1998 Paul Burton
Teddington Studios during WW2 Howard Denyer
Thames Silents: "Ben Hur" Tony Cox
Badges, badges, badges ... Denis Day, Avril Saunders, Cherry Hobbs
"Engineering 77" exhibition Alan Cross
"Wind in the Willows" calendar, 1984 Alan Herbert
Commemorations various
Thames Photo Club - some sample images Alan Cross
Ephemera various
Merchandise various
Thames in the news Philip Elsmore
Posters Alan Cross
Teddington floods August 1984 Alan Cross
In the Teddington studios Alan Cross, Avril Saunders
In the Teddington studios - The Benny Hill Show rehearsals Alan Cross
Technical stuff Alan Cross, Alan Herbert
Thames Television Production Resources Chart Issue 4 Dec 1989 (large PDF!)
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Howard Denyer (restored by Alan Cross)
Barnes Trust publication: "40 years of television at Teddington Studios"
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Alan Cross via Edna Ewing
Other stuff Alan Cross, Bill Rawcliffe, Avril Saunders