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THAMES Behind the Scenes

    A recording made at the Mansion House in July 1968 at the Luncheon to celebrate the start of Thames Television. Speakers included the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Aylestone, Chairman of the ITA Sir Philip Warter, and Howard Thomas, the Managing Director of Thames Television. Many other well-known faces, including Kenneth Horne, who presided over the Lunch. Voice-over Andrew Gardner.
    Thanks to Peter Langmaid for the supply of this material.
  2. TEDDINGTON 1984: The 25th Anniversary of the MARCONI MkIII Camera.
    A piece shot at the front of the Teddington studios, arguably more interesting for the faces in it than for the camera itself!
    Thanks to Bill Rawcliffe for the supply of this material.
    This clip shows an overnight turnaround from ‘This Is Your Life’ into ‘How Do They Do That’ (a Grundy Production?).  Peter Ernster got the guys in VT to set it up when he was the Marketing Manager of Teddington Studios, as a promo to show how quickly they could get from one programme into another. You can see all the stages of derigging & construction/lighting/technical rig which happened overnight (the small hours are dark & quiet as you may observe). No sound on this video.
    Thanks to Peter Ernster for the supply of this material.
    Magpie presenter Susan Stranks introduces viewers to Rolie Luker, operating the large studio camera, while Doug and Mick demonstrate the alternatives, the film camera and the "latest" mobile broadcast video camera operated by Dave Rogers.
    Thanks to Peter Willcocks for providing this clip.
  5. RAINBOW - RECORDING A SONG, around 1972
    Peter Willcocks seen mixing a Rod, Jane and Freddy song in the Music Suite/Bandroom at Teddington. The Gram Op is Bob Newton.
    Thanks to Peter Willcocks for providing this clip.
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