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All our previous walks - we've seen off a lot of shoe-leather!!

WALK No 173
Co-ordinator: Duggie Fairbairn (020 8979 8305)

“The Prince of Wales”, West End, Esher
Wednesday 20 September 2006
“The Prince of Wales”, West End Lane, West End, Esher, Surrey, 10.30am
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Postcode for SatNav
KT10 8LA

As RVP, 12.30 approx

Norman Andrews

From the pond near the Prince of Wales walk up the green beside Winterdown Road and pick up a path at the edge of woodland, still parallel with the road and nearly opposite Garson Farm shop. Take a clear diagonal path through the trees to reach a broad track and a sign 'Elmbridge Commons' near the parking area.  Go past a vehicle barrier up a wide gravel track beside a PYO strawberry field with a parallel woodland path on the left.  At a marker post keep beside the field fence where it says 'No Horse Riding'. As the ground rises turn right through woods, still skirting the  strawberry  field. Approach a group of trees and a seat, go forward to glimpse the river Mole down below and views over the river plain beyond. Over to the left of the seat drop down to find a flight of steps leading down to the river. Turn left along the river bank until you reach a seat and just beyond it a fingerpost.

 Take the path uphill, signed to 'steps and car park'.  At the top turn left onto a broad path and shortly right, descending slightly and crossing another track. Keep ahead past a white house and arrive at a slightly sunken crossing track under pylons. Turn right and reach the road by the entrance to The Homewood. Cross the road to a horse ride with white wooden railings. A few yards ahead turn left onto an unsurfaced roadway and almost, immediately, in quick succession, fork right and then left on a narrower path left of a sign 'Elmbridge Commons'. Beyond a horse barrier the path broadens out, bordered by pine trees and a ditch and leads to a junction of paths.

Turn right on a broad path with a marker post and soon a view of Black Pond opens up. At the end of the pond, having gone over a culvert, turn left and pick up a small path through the woods running parallel with the lake and reach an information board. Shortly beyond this fork left and soon cross a plank bridge. Bear right onto a crossing path to reach a broad track. Turn left up to a junction of paths with a post for 'Fiveways'. Ignore all turnings to the right and keep round left on a broad path which soon has a series of wooden railings on the left. Go through the first of these where it says ‘Footpath Only’. Walk down between Scots pines and then more mixed woodland and, just beyond a small path coming in on the right, arrive back at the junction of paths you passed earlier. Turn right along the main track, cross a cleared area under pylons and keep forward through the trees to cross paths and a sign ‘Elmbridge Commons’ Continue ahead beside a garden fence to the road. Cross to the bus stop opposite and walk across a car park and take a sandy path  ahead and shortly go over a crossing track, then slightly uphill, keeping round to the right at a ‘T’ junction. At a path junction near an open space right go forward on a ‘Horse Ride’ with a fingerpost and blue marker. Keep ahead on the ride, ignoring side paths, and arrive in a clearing where 6 paths converge. Keep ahead on the high ground towards silver birches, ignoring all paths off right and leaving the ride which goes downhill left. Stay on the high ground at first but shortly go forwards downhill to a ‘T’ junction and turn right. Follow a well-trodden path over a humpy area with the remains of a brick wall on the right. Bear left at a path junction and at the next crossing path again go left and enter an open area. Almost immediately leave the main path, forking left on a small path through the grass to a horse barrier and fingerpost directing you forward to West End village. Go down a few steps and straight on through woodland on a surfaced path. Just beyond a pond you arrive back on the village green.

Mobile on day: 0771 430 2442

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